Pest Removal Solutions: Rooftop Pigeons How To Exclude Them

It is not such an easy task to get rid of pigeons especially since they seem to be such resilient birds that are not easily killed or removed from people's properties. Because they live in large numbers in towns and cities, they are more like a fixture than an exception, and they can be found practically everywhere. Exclusion of pigeons from your rooftop is considered to be a good solution to the problem. What you need to do is to stave off the birds from approaching your rooftop, and you can do that through several methods.

Some think that it is easy to apply exclusion methods for pigeons on your rooftop if you apply large noise machines, yell a little at the pigeons or you spray them with some sort of repellant. Needless to say, such methods have failed numerous times, and pigeons have always managed to find a way to come back. You do not have to employ such time consuming methods. Instead, you can choose other methods of exclusion, such as installing pigeon needles on your window ledges and on the rooftop. Without a safe place to land, pigeons will like your property less and less, until they may find another property to make their nests.

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